Unveiling A New Service/ An In-depth Look At Its Features, Benefits, And Target Audience

In the world of business, services are often lumped in with products. This overlap is sometimes valid, especially since products like software and apps are sold very much like tangible items despite being entirely digital. Many companies are also moving to subscription and SaaS models, which have changed the way customers think about what they buy and what they get.

Services fill important needs and companies that do a good job of creating and delivering them have a special advantage in attracting and retaining customers. As a service provider, you have a direct and ongoing relationship with your buyer. These might be long or short, but they create powerful impressions.

Unveiling a new service and attracting the attention of customers requires a unique approach. Like products, services have features that deliver benefits, and these benefits can be powerful for attracting a target audience.

Consider the following points and take a closer look at the new service you’re offering. These details can help you move forward with more confidence and a clear message for your desired marketplace. They will also help you represent your company as a service provider that understands its customers and is, therefore worthy of their trust and investment.

Focus On The Value Of Service Features

If you’ve developed a service that serves a purpose, you’ve created value for a buyer. With your service ready to hit the market, you might think you’ve done everything and your job is done, but this is a common mistake.

Relying solely on your customers to see the value of what you’re offering is one way to ensure that your new service unveiling falls flat. You can avoid this outcome by focusing on your service features and leading with its benefits.

Focusing on features means concentrating on everything your service has to offer an end user. These are all of the attributes and functions of a service that make it useful.

Companies can do a great job outlining the features they’ve built into their services because they are the main components of what they ultimately deliver as a business. Customers are also concerned about features because that’s what they’re getting.

But, the way customers think about features is different. They want to know the impact of those features, which are their benefits.

Benefits That Encourage Investment

When customers decide to invest in a service, they are confident or at least hopeful it will improve their lives in some way, enable them to avoid or solve problems, or gain something that would have otherwise eluded them without that investment. Imagining that positive outcome is part of what makes them justify the purchase.

Companies that understand the value of their service and its features can put them in the context of the user experience. In other words, they will lead with how it solves problems or benefits the customer. This is very effective for helping someone understand why a service is worthy of an investment.

Even better, companies that can do this will show they understand the experience of their target audience. Buyers are very responsive to this, which serves to build a foundation of trust. And when buyers are more inclined to trust a company, they’ll be more willing to take a chance on a new service.

Services Require A Foundation Of Trust From Your Targeted Audience

User experience should be a priority in any offering, but especially with a service. Unlike a product, which customers purchase and may never need to interact with the company again, services require a more direct relationship between buyer and seller.

Accounting for user experience in your service’s features should be a priority, as that will be integral to its success. But as you show your targeted audience why that service will be beneficial to them, you must also make it clear why your company is the best possible provider of that service.

Your customers must see how your service is relevant to their needs and they must also trust you to be an ongoing source and guide. This is why you will not want to miss the opportunity to demonstrate your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness as the provider of this new service.

Leveraging an existing positive reputation is helpful, but even new companies offering new services can gain the trust of their customers by addressing their concerns head-on, minimizing risks for the buyers, and simply ensuring the buyer’s expectations align with what’s being offered and delivered.

Things To Keep In Mind When Unveiling A New Service

Depending on the complexity of the service you’re providing, you don’t want to overwhelm your buyer. Make sure you explain everything in a digestible and easy-to-follow manner.

If your service is to be carried out over a period of time or is ongoing, put that service in the context of a timeline. If your service offers multiple features that range from simple to specialized, move from the most straightforward to the more complex. Above all else, know your targeted audience so you know how to approach a customer based on what they care about most.

You’ll capture the attention of people who stand to benefit from your service if you lead with the most appealing features, but make sure adequate information is also available to help customers make an informed and confident decision. Look to these press release examples to show the right balance between promoting a company and sharing influential and helpful details that customers use to find what they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Introduce A New Service?

There are many ways to introduce a new service. Online ads come in many shapes and forms, but make sure to communicate the value of a service through its benefits. Social media, explainer videos, and press releases are examples of customer outreach that give companies a lot of options for putting their new services in the context of the user experience.

What Are The Most Effective Promotional Strategies For A New Service?

Promotional strategies that focus on how customers can solve a problem or improve their lives in some way, big or small, help a potential buyer understand why a service is a worthwhile investment.

What Makes People More Open To Trying A New Service?

When customers can envision the positive outcome and long-reaching impact of a service, they’ll be able to tap into the emotions that help them justify a purchase. Additionally, when a service is being offered by a trusted source, customers are going to be more open to trying it, even if it’s something very new.

Tips For Telling Prospective Customers About A New Service

Customers need to know what they’re getting and what they aren’t, so be clear about the included features and limitations.
Customers need to know a service is going to meet their needs, so help them make the connection between what you’ll deliver and what they’ll experience.
Customers need to know the provider of a service is capable and trustworthy, so make sure you specify what makes your company uniquely qualified to provide this service.

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